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Is Slay.so safe?

Yes, Slay.so is completely safe to use. Our service only uses the official Instagram API. We use no bots, and we will help you increase your hashtag range more naturally than painful copy/paste methods. Slay.so increases your reach, safely.

How does it work?

Slay.so works by intelligently selecting your hashtags, so that you're never commenting the exact same set of hashtags twice. Hashtags are selected from your collections by our own algorithm which considers the recent use, related tags, popularity, and competition scores of each hashtag within the context of the size of your account following.

How many hashtags do I need to collect?

The standard hashtag comment includes 30 hashtags. To ensure that you have enough hashtags to rotate through, we recommend that you add at least 50-60 hashtags per collection. It is possible to use smaller collections if you plan to mix your collections during comment generation.

What are the best hashtags to collect?

Instagram may reduce your account reach if you use irrelevant hashtags, so make sure that the hashtags you add to a set are all revelant to the content you post. Within each set, use a mix of more and less difficult hashtags. It's best if your set has hashtags that are colored blue, green, yellow, and orange.

What does hashtag competition mean?

Hashtag competition calculates the potential ease of ranking in the top posts for a given hashtag. This is calculated by taking into account average likes and comments for posts, the overall popularity of the hashtag, whether or not the hashtag has been banned, and other factors. It's easiest to rank in the top posts for the lowest competition hashtags, though ranking among the top posts for a more competitive hashtag should prove more rewarding.

What are the stars next to hashtags for?

Star buttons allow you to 'favorite' your best performing hashtags. These hashtags will always be selected for your hashtag comments. We recommend keeping your favorites to a minimum, to ensure that your hashtag comments remain unique.

Is there a limit to how many hashtags I can collect?

No. You can create as many collections as you like, and collections have no hashtag limit.